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. those who were among the protestors say the police response was excessive and showed us what they describe as bean bags and rubber bullets that fired on the crowd. >> i don't think this is humane. there are people out here protesting peacefully. >> there were glass bottles around and glass thrown at some point but there was some point where there were plastic bottles. >> mayor quan and police chief says the use of force was only in response to officers being assaulted first by protestors. >> we were being pelted with rocks and bottles. >> she shows the bruce she has after being hit by a projectile by police. >> i don't know the difference between a bean bag gun and a rubber bullet gun. it feels like a rubber bullet not a bean bag. >> she wants a full briefing of all use of force by police. >> the world is watching. we have to look at each incident hear the chief of police explain their side. we can see from the demonstrators and analyze what went on. >>> all right. that's nick smith reporting. we will go to nick smith live n from oakland. a lot of damage. >> absolutely. you
with many different issues. and wayne freedman joins us with more. wayne? >> we're standing on this sidewalk filled with protesters. now, a couple saw the camera and saw we're live. earlier today public opinion. >> on a quiet street and seemingly many causes, claudia carried one plain sign seeming to summarize everything. >> we need you to do what we elected to you do. >> if we heard that once, we can hear it 100 times from the unemployed, medical marijuana advocates. >> i want him to live up to what he said in the campaign. >> for the record, some people paid $35,000 for an audience with the president today. these people with passion, and on this corner the president never saw or heard them. >> this is free speech. this is something people believe in. >> when elected he said i need to you force me to get it done, here i am. >> so baigs -- based on reaction, it could be safe to say for the president, honeymoon is definitely over, if this were a marriage they'd be saying we love you but we need to talk. reporting live in downtown san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you, wayne. there is a lot
and yards that we're paying closer attention, people are giving us information. we'll send team there's to try to locate him. >> not far from almond's car was found, investigators located a rifle. >> i knew he had a gun. i didn't know he had a collection of gun autos michelle says he's a friend of his. >> he has too much to live for. for him to snap is out of character as long as i've known him for him to act like this. >> neighborhood search began after a woman was shot during an attempted car jacking in the parking lot of an hp building. witses say the suspect matching the description ran into the neighborhood. >> i heard three gunshots. then, my -- then, we started to hear siren autos at one point, police searched a play structure in a neighborhood park and surrounded a bathroom where it appeared the suspect might have been. those who live nearby were told to shelter in place. >> unsettling not knowing what's happening. so we called on neighbors to make sure they're okay. >> and this is a live picture here, and you can see two police officers armed and have been here all day. cars
. no damage. >> and i was at our daughter's across from berkeley. it and was a good jolt that woke us up. and there is our little dog wasn't a warning dog. it woke her up, too. >> what did you think? the big one? >> no. i grew up in berkeley. it was just, i'm glad to hear and feel smaller ones because i think that diffuses it a bit. and i hope that that is correct. >> we have video of sky 7 hopefully for you. you know the hayward fault is under the cal memorial stadium, which is undergoing retro fitting at the time. the contractors from web core said that all of his employees continued working and work will continue, tomorrow, now, city hall and berkeley police actually spoken with them. the police department did what they call a role call. that means is that they check with every plor to see if they're okay and there is everybody okay, and they're ordered and instructed to kault police department if they see any damage. so to report anything. so far, nothing according to berkeley city hall no, damage has been reported. city hall said they received a few calls regarding alarm systems but
, there was some boos and some cheers. abc news, italy. >> and certainly a mixed reaction. she'll join us in our 4:30 half hour with the latest on amanda knox's journey home. >> rainy season started early here in the bay area. a live look at san francisco bay. it's overcast and misty now. you can barely see the golden gate bridge here. that is the marina in the for ground. take a look at the camera on top, it looks like december up there. and the rain has people breaking out umbrellas. parents are picking up their kids, they didn't seem to mind too. you can see rainfall was light but steady. that didn't stop this person from employing super sized umbrellas. spencer christian has live doppler 7. looks like everyone is getting wet. >> it's wet across the bay area now. good day for a large, heavy duty umbrella. there is a line of light rainfall and showers, we've seen from a few one hundredths of an inch of rain to two-tens today. there is a image appearing to show more rainfall. we're picking up much evaporate brg hitting the ground. there are wet spots and light to moderate rainfall in parts of the
-old ricardo moreno. police say the weapon he used to threaten officer was the same gun that killed a former san jose state students. they were gunned down, execution style just two days before the officer-involved shooting. police believe motive there was drugs. >> either dealing or using with him z we have evidence that shows that he knew eric, that he communicated with eric. and that they partied together and likely either he used with him or bought from him, or, we're still working through details. and that is the tie. >> and officials confirmed they both lived in the same dorm, campus village from january to may of this year. and police believe christina was targeted because she was eric's girm friend. the university president is sending out an e mail expressing sympathy and reassuring students the campus is safe and though police did not know when they shot and killed ricardo moreno he was a suspect in this double homicide the police chief tells me that that shooting was absolutely justified and he was aiming his weapon at officers. we'll have more coming up at 5:00. >> and the hell's
group the world can't wait is planning to rally to protest u.s. military operations and medical marijuana advocates say they'll hold a protest that, is over that recent crack down on dispensery autos and a jackknifed big rig is blocking southbound lanes of highway 101 at atherton avenue. it was involved in a crash with a ford explorer around 2:30 today. and firefighters are clearing up 40 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled onto the road. the big rig caught fire but was put out and motorists are being advised to use a highway to avoid closure no, injuries are reported. >> and this afternoon, the mayor from oakland has been put on notice and may be facing a recall. a petition filed with the city clerk this morning, stating the intent to recall the mayor, the petition filed by a group of oakland residents, they say they're angry about the failure to fight crime ask develop former army base. the office released a statement pointing out the mayor's improvements to public safety and evidence of her commitment to major economic projects. >> there are new allegations of ballot tamperin
of the hotel. >> the plan is to occupy for as long as it's available to us and to keep it open for others that need housing that need shelter. for as long as possible. >> and police say he and others at that small hotel are trespassing and will be arrested for trespassing. police were here at the cathedral hill hotel, at the request of the owners. this hotel closed in 2009, and the plan is for california pacific medical center to build a hospital, a new hospital here called cathedral hill hospital. for now, police have abandoned this building and moved a block away, to the next. i'm live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and the top cop in oakland is calling it quits. the chief resigned today saying he cannot accomplish what he went there to do. i found myself with limited control and full accountability. the landscape changed over two years. the quotes from the former chief. abc 7 is live in oakland for us where the chief just finished talking with reporters. >> and the news conference was quite incredible. the police chief saying a number of times that he was going to take the high road
. >> there are people with different view autos san seigel is an unpaid legal advisor. >> some of us think it should allowed and what is going on in society outweighs any inconvenience of having people camp here. >> and they're not just at the plaza a loen tent popped up at snow park. >> police popped by, shined a light. i think they're waiting to get ounce that. i could have been swept under the rug, i'm sure. i was the only person here last night. >> and here is what it looks like now. again, encampment building up against one again, the mayor has not made public statements and did not appear for a regular press briefing. the rumor among protestors is that mayor is expected to make an appearance tonight at their general assembly expected to happen at about 7:00. another note is that activist and film maker michael moore is tweeting he plans to visit tomorrow. >> thank you. >> and the camping continues across the bay. interest there is a live look now in san francisco. protestors are still camped out and believe police were going to shut them down overnight. more on how officials are dealing with t
. we're not a drug trafficking organization. >> here in the bay area, the u.s. attorney says she has stided to first target december pens riz near schools and marks. and and there are warnings letter autos a san jose police officer and a suspect was hospitalized after a scuffle over the officer's gun, this morning just after 10:30 on lee avenue after the officer responded to a call about a suspicious activity. police say the officer was attacked by one of the men and the two fought during the fight and another officer fired him and was taken into custody. no one was shot. >> you're about to hear a shocking first person account of what happened during that shooting rampage at the quarry in cupertino early wednesday morning. we're live with the story of one survivor. david? >> and quite a story it is. mike believes he was shot and left for dead because shareef allman was angry at him. a few days earlier allman was told by teamsters they'd no longer defend them against charges of unsafe driving. >> it was quick. it wasn't just a bullet. it was bam, bam. he got the ak, it goes faster tha
're asking for. abc 7 joins us live from san jose. isn't this to be expected from a new social movement? >> well, you're right. and the participants here at occupy san jose, well numbers are relatively small and message is passionate and it's focused z most of the people that i talked to here today do support concrete political action that would hold politicians, big banks and big business more accountable. >> many people taking part in this demonstration say it's time for action to emerge from the national movement. >> it's hard for help to understand. we want peace or we want equity. >> multiple factions of the movement have now put out a list of eight proposed demands, ranging from congressional action to reinstate more banking regulations, to changes in the tax code for corporations. >> it's a good start. it's good that we're starting to get it clear and a message of the solutions that we've come up with. >> in san francisco, one demonstrateor likes a tweet suggesting a philadelphia convention to select a third party candidate for president. >> well, speaking for myself and not occu
many, many problems and they're stemming from the improper use of money and power. >> a spokesman for the san francisco prettiest -- protest admits the message is mixed. >> the problem is so big stemming from the same thing. improper use of resources. and people sort of, scare ti, greed-based reaction. >> anger over government bailout of banks and financial institutions galvanized the initial protest on wall street it's become more widely defined. unions say members have voiced support but it's not clear how the union message will join with the protestors. and saying mixed messages are undercutting protestors political effectiveness. >> this plays into the hands of the people that want to say these are anti-americans or these are people that don't understand the capitolist system. >> professor cani -- cain says the tea party has been more successful because of the simple message. >> less government regulation, less taxes coming out of a more coherent doctrine. >> coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from tea party organizers but what the two camps have in common and we'll hear from protes
and father. police used series video to identify the suspect and they caught him with a group of other young men who were rounded up on weapons charges. the shooting suspect is a 16-year-old facing felony charges including inflicting bodily injury on a victim five years or younger. >> and the family of injured giants fan brian stow reports he is making progress before being moved to a long term rehabilitation facility. his family acknowledged he faces a long road, saying quote we're determined and excited to help brian in any way and any possible way we can. stow knows answers to some questions but encounters moments of confusion and answers some personal questions incorrectly. he's being weaned off of the drugs right now. >> and time for our first check of the forecast. it's fantastic. >> and what a great night for a football game. >> and this evening, we'll see mild conditions, clear skies, during overnight hours, will be warm and temperatures from upper 60s near the coast to around 80. tomorrow morning early, sunny, mild, temperatures ranging from mid-50s to low 60s, then, the peak of aft
of protestors to the committee hearing. >> no amount of tear gas is going to displace us. we're not going to be pushed around. we're not going to let cops tell us what to do. we're here we're going to make a stand. >> the author hopes that the city will continue dialogue. >> we need to figure out how to cooperate. >> that with the mayor has already produced results. and this weekend occupiers are willing to remove tents and tarps temporarily so crews can steam clean the plaza. still they say the mayor needs to do more. >> we have started some form of dialogue. the mayor doesn't recognize us and see us. >> the mayor scheduled nornl meeting tomorrow. >> if he expresses a willingness to help we're going to try to look for levels of coop raichlgts. >> and down here is the latest. mayor lee is meeting with the department heads this afternoon police fire, help and public works to see what progress has been achieved and how things are going tomorrow meeting with representatives and they have offered support. bottom line is that mayor says there will be no police action as long as they're talking
would have it. the male victim upgraded from fair to good condition, though his brother tells us he's still very, very heavily sedated. the brother lost a brother in the shooting. and he says vallejos is one of six siblings, first among them to di. he says his brother worked at the quarry 30 years just getting ready to retire. he says the families hearts are scarred forever, and calls today a quote, good day with the apprehension and death of the suspect. and he says he's trying toing forrive and knows allman's family is grieving, too. we asked roamero to describe his brother, john, who was killed. >> he was a man of faith. he was a man that continues to battle. he was a productive citizen in this community. he worked a long time for the engineer operators and equipment units over 30 years, faith tofl his company. and... he was a team leader over there. unfortunately the leaders get taken out. >> he was a father of two and he was also a -- five grandchildren, also. they're all grieving at this time. asking questions why? why did this happen to my dad? it was so special to them. >> a
marijuana. dismantle structures, stop using city power and to clean up after them selfs to help keep dofts a minimum. >> to the extent the cost, the city of oakland is paying for it. it's taking money from our limited resources. which is not to say that i disagree with what the protestors are doing but it's important that we really spend as little as we can. >> and city officials won't put a dollar on it but the event would cost them money so crews had to clean up spray painted graffiti, portions of the lawn may have to be replaced and there have been extra police patrols. beyond that, there are a couple wooden structures here that the city has given protestors until evening to remove them, or the city will remove them for them. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> and thank you, laura. now, on the other side of the bay, members of occupy san francisco are accusing police of excessive force, officers forcibly removed members from justin herman plaza. this is what it looked like. police began removing tents and tarps. police say the group is in violation of code prohibiting people from camping out th
where they plan to head this afternoon, so far they're not telling us. we've seen a police presence starting to build here. in the area. live in oakland abc 7 news. >> and this is lose, indeed. does this mean demonstrators are policing themselves? what is going on? >> earlier today we're out here and someone has spray painted graffiti on the steps here, city crews along with protesters were helping to clean that up. they say they did not want that to be part of their demonstration z there are messages out here but they've been written in chalk that, is okay, i guess, but they have been cleaning up and keeping order here because as we heard, the mayor said as long as they keep it cool, they'll be allowed to stay. >> they know how to provide an excuse, thank you very much. >> and members of the occupy wall street movement repeatedly interrupted a speech by rupert murdock at an education conference in san francisco. >> public education. >> murdock told the audience the standard for schools are lower than for his fox show "american idol". he backed up claim with statistics. >> three qua
at the bigger storm picture, you can see a cold front racing into our direction going to bring us heavy rain strong gusty winds and perhaps thunderstorms so there is lots of stormy weather coming our way. there is a snow storm for the sierra. interest tl is a look on the accu-weather forecast. >> the race is on to clear out storm drains and get leaves off streets and sidewalks. the department of public works employees out in force in san francisco today filling pot holes as well as clearing sewers and streets to minimize storm damage. >> we're in the process of clearing a catch basin so when rain comes water will be able to be carried away. below the surface instead after cross the roadway. >> there workers say cleaning out leaves is a big project. they say you can sweep up leaves in front of your home. >> one former and one current san jose police officer have been charged with stealing from students. the officer and former cop were booked today on suspicion of felony grand theft. prosecutors believe they skimmed 120,000s frdz a fund meant for student scholarships. an audit reveals the mone
to derek from oklahoma city. >> they're trying to get us to say one or both. we haven't decided to do that yet. and occupy san francisco has become a melting pot of optimism and powered by inclusiveness. >> if a homeless person comes here is he still homeless? >> no. there is a home now. >> chris sullivan. >> i'm here to join the movement. tired of what is going on. ready to make a stand to do something. >> sounds like you're running out of option autos pretty much. yes. >> in a hostile world this he says provides a positive alternative. >> still coming together as a community to do everything together and there is everything still get it. >> nudging is for sale. >> 99% now on ts play for the 1% assuming 1% is paying attention. if not... no matter. >> what will history say? >> our parents did the same thing 30 35 40 years ago. now this, is our turn this, is our movement. >> news today history tomorrow, we asked one of them how long it would be how long would the person be content to stay. years, she said fchl we stay that long, the place will look different. >> thank you. >> and movin
joins us live. >> this is here in walnut creek this is the busy shopping district and the center of commerce for this city. and that is why we're told the protesters in large part decided to have their events right here. >> whether in front of bank of america walnut creek or chevron, the anticorporate protests swept through big cities and made their way to the suburbs. >> they're keeping profits off shore, and they could be investing in the united states. >> in contra costa county the protests come in a climate where its cost tens of thousands of people their homes. >> i'm afraid they're going to lose it this man is trying to hold on to his house after losing his job with bank of america. he thinks the protestors speak for him and many like him struggling in this economy. >> and family. people start to realize people can do something about it. and people... you know have some power. >> i think we're a victim of our own success. it's corporate greed. we go to other countries for cheaper labor. >> and one big corporation claims the criticism aims their way is largely misplaced. >>
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)